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promotes peace of mind for members, walk-ins, and employees

We are a nonprofit community wellness center that works on the body, mind, and spirit to relieve stress and restore a lasting sense of peace and clarity.

Workshops & Classes
qi gong, yoga, meditation, tai chi, walking labyrinth, cooking classes and nutritional services, book clubs, art, and stress management
(for adults and youth)

Wellness Products
apparel, books, CD...

Café and Juice Bar
nourishing members both externally and internally

Peacemakers Bridge Center

A nonprofit center for wellness- creating a bridge from inner peace to world peace

YES! World Peace in Possible!

We are kindred souls dedicated to promoting world

peace by helping each person be a peacemaker, first

internally (body, mind and spirit), then externally

expanding one's love and wisdom harmoniously

to all thing and beings.



Peace for All and All for Peace

Let us be the bridge to peace and wellness.

Come join us on our path to lasting peace and health.